Express Line Bracelet

Don't wait for your ticket number to be called, VIP's are first in line to get their autographs.


Admission into the show for all 3 days.


Misc gifts will be included in your bag

Early Entry

    All VIP guests have access to the show 30 minutes before it opens to general admission.


One autograph ticket from our VIP guest, 


VIP Guest subject to change, ticket of equal value will be offered.

Random Autograph

One random autograph ticket from the show lineup.  

Ticket is completely random. Can not be chosen.  Ticket can't be upgraded, traded or refunded.  If the ticket you receive is one you've already purchased, you can return or exchange your purchased ticket.

Free Friday Auto Tickets

Any VIP that checks in on Friday will also receive ONE autograph from one of our (3) Free Autograph Friday Guests.

Ticket is completely RANDOM. Can' be chosen.

Ticket can't' be upgraded, traded or refunded.